Sunday, July 5, 2009

AIG Bailout Details

Bailout: $69,835,000,000 Returned: $0
10.8% of all bailout funds committed.
94.1% of the Insurance Company industry bailout.

On four separate occasions, the government has offered aid to AIG to keep it from collapsing, rising from an initial $85 billion credit line from the Federal Reserve to what is now a combined $180 billion commitment between the Treasury ($69.84 billion) and Fed ($110 billion). The green number above only reflects Treasury's commitment, since those are taxpayer dollars.

As of June 17, the Treasury and the Fed have lent or invested a total of $122.5 billion in AIG. The Fed has extended $82.5 billion in aid to AIG, according to its June 17, 2009, balance sheet. And though the Treasury has committed up to $69.84 billion, only $40 billion of that has actually been invested.


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