Saturday, June 26, 2010

FinReg Summary

Some mild reforms were passed, with Dems trying to make some much needed changes and Repugs in opposition. Various naysayers can be heard of course, but who expected that legislators who get so much money from financial institutions would severely bite the hand that fed them? I could make the cynical argument that Congress merely passed reforms that would enable banks to stay viable enough to keep giving money to Congress...

To some extent, we should be happy anything happened at all, as I don't think there was a lot of public pressure passionately demanding this legislation. It didn't get that much attention, given so many other things going on. Further, it's hard to get into this material-- financial matters are NOT my thing at all, and the reporting has been pretty boring on this, imo.

Of course we should ask for more and expect more. And you know the Dems mostly did this so they could trumpet this as a major accomplishment. Nonetheless, on one level, it seems nice that SOMETHING was done to shore up the financial system and hopefully prevent another banking catastrophe-- given the huge rip off of the 2008 banking bailout. Too bad the outrage from that shameful incident has largely faded.

On a deeper level, it seems likely the economic meltdown was an inside job, meant by the PTB to further weaken the US and make it more susceptible to their evil demands. And everything since then, such as this legislation, has largely been for show-- window dressing to distract people from the even bleak future coming.

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